Frequently Asked Questions

What happens at the She Raises Capital?

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What are the different goals you help founders achieve?

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What are your success metrics for the program?

Our success criteria is three fold:

1.  First is the funding received by the founder.  To date, 70% of our program founders have received funding from variety of sources like VCs, Angel groups, and Impact Investors. 


While capital raised is the ultimate goal for every female founder, that’s not the only metric that contributes to your long term success. We also place huge emphasis on two more areas - 


2. Investment readiness & long term business excellence (with a 100% success rate), which is based on an internal benchmark and measured weekly for each founder. So far every founder in our program has reached that mark. Working with the ongoing assessments & investor feedback, on average we spend 100 hours per founder that results in transformation of their story, improved confidence & strong pitch in addition to business markers. 


3. Number of warm introductions to values-aligned investors, which is a critical indicator of capital raise success not taking into account the lack of predictability or systemic biases affecting decision making. On an average we make 20 - 50 such meetings to our founders.

Am I eligible to apply?

Our program is designed for female founders/co-founders whose businesses are - 

  1. Post-MVP

  2. Post-Revenue (Or post traction)

  3. Raising Pre-Seed/Seed/Late Seed/Bridge/Series A

  4. Raising minimum $1 Million

In addition to the above criteria, She Raises Capital assesses the candidates for leadership, their vision and impact they are looking to have, and their commitment to program goals.


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