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Introducing SRC Foundation

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In our continued work towards #ZEROFundingGap for female founders, SRC Foundation is supporting high-potential female founders with non-dilutive grants. 

Your support can make a critical difference in a female founder's journey in staying or folding their business and in turn their ability to have impact in the world. 


Investment Ready Founders

These grants will be awarded to female founders who show exemplary readiness in two areas - their business excellence and their ability to have a meaningful impact via personal leadership and convictions.  Their resilience and circumstances will play a critical role in our decision making process. 

Collective Pool

Donors can choose to donate to a specific grants program or a general pool.  The collective pool is designed to support female founders through various channels as and when opportunities arise like runway extensions, growth support etc. 


 Donors will receive transparent reporting on deployment along with invitation to grants ceremonies. 

Donor Engagement

The foundation creates opportunities for donors to stay engaged and support female founders further in their journey. 

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She Raises Capital Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit. Our Federal Tax ID is 88-1720816.
Your donation is tax deductible for federal income tax purposes to the full extent allowable by law.

Note: She Raises Capital LLC is a separate entity and doesn't receive any referral fees nor generates any revenue from grants given to founders 

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